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Get to Know FEND™: A New Hygiene Tool That Stops Airborne Particles in Their Tracks 
01/24/2022 David Edwards

When we think of a personal hygiene regimen, we think of hand washing, bathing, and teeth brushing. But what about cleaning the nose and upper airways as part of our regular hygiene routine? Yes, that’s a thing and here’s why....

FEND Founder: Who is David Edwards?
01/24/2022 Jami Chiusano

Dr. David Edwards was a long-standing Harvard University faculty member, and is an inventor, author, and pioneering aerosol scientist.   David is passionate about improving human health and wellbeing through science and consumer-centric design. His inventions, startups, and creative environments in the...

From Anthrax to Today; Dr. David Edwards has Created an Innovation to Transform How We Should Be Thinking About Hygiene
01/10/2022 Penelope finnie

Dr. Edwards is not an ordinary scientist. He is a surface chemist, aerosol physicist and entrepreneur who has been studying how aerosol particles move through the air and impact the airway for years.  So, when the anthrax scare hit the...