From Anthrax to Today; Dr. David Edwards has Created an Innovation to Transform How We Should Be Thinking About Hygiene

From Anthrax to Today; Dr. David Edwards has Created an Innovation to Transform How We Should Be Thinking About Hygiene

Dr. Edwards is not an ordinary scientist. He is a surface chemist, aerosol physicist and entrepreneur who has been studying how aerosol particles move through the air and impact the airway for years.  So, when the anthrax scare hit the U.S. in the early 2000’s, he was brought to Washington, DC, to help officials find ways to protect the public from dangerous inhaled pathogens. His research focused on strengthening the mucosal lining of the airways by coating it with naturally comprised aerosol particles to help trap and eliminate contaminants.

 “It led to a paper . . . an observation that when you inhale simple saline—sodium chloride—there’s an effect that salt has on mucins and mucin-like proteins and . . . that leads to a calmness of surface in airways,” Edwards says. “It was a minor effect but an effect. For several years we dug into this.”

                                              David Edwards (Inventor of FEND) Fast Company

 Fast forward almost 18 years later and he couldn’t have possibly predicted that this same unique technology would now be more relevant than ever during a world-wide pandemic and health crisis. Dr. Edwards and a team of scientists at Harvard and MIT figured out a way to make this underlying technology work with a simple nasal mist that could help suppress the formation of particles that can carry contaminants – and that’s what ultimately led to the creation of a breakthrough new product, FEND.

 FEND is a calcium-fortified hygiene mist that strengthens your body’s natural ability to trap particles and cleanse your airways through salts and hydration. The mist delivers precisely sized particles that land and adhere to the mucus lining found in our nose and upper airway, making them more effective at catching these foreign particles and helping prevent them from traveling deep into our lungs. This also decreases the particles you expel back out into the air. In fact, recent studies have shown that FEND lowers the number of exhaled particles by up to 99% for up to six hours.

 Why does this matter? When we exhale, we release thousands of particles into the air, which crosses paths with all the people we come into contact with on a given day – in a restaurant, at work or school, on public transportation or a crowded elevator. So, if we were able to reduce the number of particles we exhale into the environment by as much as 99%, we could dramatically minimize others’ exposure to possible particle contaminants.

 After years of research, there is a product that is a breakthrough in upper airway hygiene, thanks to Dr David Edwards and his team.

 “Now is the time to continue to wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask AND add FEND to your daily routine."

David Edwards, Inventor of FEND