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The cleansing power of
natural salts



The Science

Our understanding of hygiene is evolving to meet huge global challenges. Together with some of the world’s top academic institutions, we’ve developed a science-backed approach to keeping your airways clean and healthy.

The secret?


Like a breath of
fresh ocean air.

Water and salt are fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Turns out, they’re vital for keeping our airways clean, too.

We’ve discovered that the same salts that you can find out in the ocean, or by the sea, are incredibly effective at cleaning the air you breathe. All you’ve got to do is breathe them in.

Hydrating salts.

When we inhale these specific salts through our nose, they help strengthen our natural defenses against dirty air by pulling more water in: essentially enhancing your body’s ability to clean away airborne particles.

FEND precisely blends these salts with an ultra-fine mist that carries them throughout your upper airways, so they can get to where they’re needed most.





Airway mucus

Natural defenses.

Your upper airways naturally defend against airborne particles with a special lining that captures and cleans them away. Modern environments and lifestyles can cause this lining to break down and fail.

Not only does our blend of salts hydrate your airways, it actually helps your mucus retain its natural structure longer in the face of the many stresses that contemporary living brings.

Two deep breaths of FEND
strengthens your airways’
natural defenses for
up to 6 hours*

*Based upon peer reviewed research.

Respiratory droplets

Respiratory droplets are the enemy to breathing well. They break off your mucus and carry contaminants deeper into your lungs or back out into the environment.

This is exactly what your mucus is not supposed to do, and what airway hygiene is all about. In clinical trials, FEND was shown to clean away up to 99% of respiratory droplets from the airways for up to 6 hours.


Developed in collaboration with scientists from leading research and academic institutions around the world.


Read the research

Hydrating the airways daily is the missing link in what we’ve
considered till now effective whole-body hydration.

— Dr. Dennis Ausiello, Jackson Distinguished Professor
of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Invented by
Dr. David Edwards

David is a member of three national academies in the US and France, and was professor of the practice of bioengineering at Harvard University from 2002-2019.

David’s work on airway hygiene spans decades – beginning shortly after his pioneering work on inhaled insulin, to his mission today of helping the wider world breathe clean air with FEND.

Dr. David Edwards

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