Airway and nasal hygiene mister

FEND Airway Hygiene

One of TIME's 2020 Best Inventions

Developed by a Harvard scientist.

For over two decades, David Edwards has been a global leader in nasal hygiene. FEND's technology - originally developed for Anthrax protection - uses precisely calibrated, calcium-enriched salts to clean the airways.

Two Breaths to Better Airway Hygiene

Just two hydrating inhalations of FEND mist gives you peace of mind that you're going that extra step to keep your lungs clean for up to 6 hours.


How FEND Works

The specially-designed FEND mister delivers an optimized solution of salts to the right places - where respiratory droplets form in your upper airways, keeping them out of your lungs and keeping you from exhaling them.


Protect Yourself from Airborne Particles.

As many as 10 billion particles can be inhaled every day. That’s billion, with a “b.” The key is to keep them out of your lungs and keep you from breathing them back out.

FEND™ Complete Kit

$59.95 $69.95

FEND mister and two-month supply of FEND solution (about 8 cents per use)

What People are saying about FEND

“FEND is a new approach to keeping us clean in a world that has dirt. FEND introduces hygiene for our airways in a new way - with salts that are in the body and a mist that gets them there .  I use it every day.” 

Professor Robert Langer, drug delivery pioneer, most cited engineer in history, member US National Academies Science, Engineering and Medicine

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