Let's Clean the Air

With every breath we take, we generate droplets in our airways. These respiratory droplets, some large and many very small, travel deep into our lungs and then out into the environment. When large, they tend to fall around us due to gravity; however, when small – less than 1 micron – they can remain in the air for several hours and travel in clouds around the globe as they spread from person to person.

Masks do a good job of catching and filtering large particles but the majority of particles we exhale are too small to be captured. They can seep through the mask and linger in the air, putting others at risk.

FEND, the new nasal hygiene mist, cleans our airways of particles that masks miss. It provides long-lasting hygiene – up to 6 hours per use – and can be used safely as often as you want (we recommend 3 times a day). It's an essential new tool in the hygiene arsenal.

The FEND Mister

FEND works in two novel ways. First, it contains calcium and sodium salts that are abundant in the ocean (and in our bodies), while having just the right balance to make the mucus in our airways work the way it’s supposed to — catching whatever particles that enter our nose and upper airways and not letting them back into the air. Second, the salt particles in the FEND mist are precisely sized to land in your nose, trachea, and main bronchi, where many of those respiratory droplets get created.

How it works: Simply tip the FEND Mister, which will produce the FEND cloud. Then inspire deeply through the nose — what we call the Deep FEND — and just seconds later you’re FENDed!

FEND is not a drug. It is a simple, non-invasive, and effective new hygiene protocol.

FEND is the nasal cleansing breakthrough that we have all been waiting for.

Originally invented by a Harvard scientist during the anthrax scare

The original concept for FEND came about after our co-founder, Dr. David Edwards, a surface chemist and aerosol physicist, was invited to Washington, DC, in the aftermath of the anthrax scare to help find ways to protect the public from dangerous inhaled pathogens. He had the idea that we might be able to strengthen the surfaces of our airway mucus lining by coating it with naturally comprised aerosols. Years later, he and his team at Harvard and MIT figured out how to make the underlying technology work with a simple nasal mist that would suppress the formation of particles that can carry airborne viruses and bacteria. Our latest research shows that inhaling the FEND mist can reduce the amount of airborne particles in our airways for up to six hours.

Designed to make our lives safer as we go about our day

Masks, social distancing, and hand washing are all essential. FEND offers a fourth level of protection. It is the only hygienic intervention that clears away the tiny airborne particles that otherwise accumulate in our lungs and remain stagnant in the air.

Use FEND whenever you are in social situations: in offices and factories; health care institutions, including high-risk nursing homes; and schools, gyms, sporting events, restaurants, and retail stores.

The Nasal Hygiene Innovation for the Air We Breathe

Because We Know You Want to Do Everything Possible to Stay Healthy

FEND™ Starter Pack

$49.95 $59.95

The FEND™ Starter Pack – A Daily, Science-Backed Necessity that's Surprisingly Affordable.

For just $49.95 you get a reusable FEND™ Mister, and 2 free bottles of our advanced FEND™ saline mist solution (a $15 value free).

With regular use – 2 deep inhalations 3 times per day – 2 bottles will last approximately 2 months. Refill 2 packs cost just $15. That comes to just 17 cents per day for each user.

Sensory Cloud, Inc. is collecting payment in advance during the pre-order phase. Please contact us any time for questions regarding your order.

An Important Advance in Personal Hygiene

Bringing people back together safely requires all of us to do our part. Adding FEND™ to your personal hygiene protocol will help keep the air healthier and cleaner for you, your family, and all the people around you. FEND is an important partner to hand washing, wearing masks, and social distancing. 

Ready to be healthy?

Cleaning our airways of particles that are less than a single micron in size, that are not effectively filtered by conventional face masks, is a new hygienic measure that can be of critical value to healthcare workers as well as for all of us returning to work and school.” David Edwards

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