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Congrats on your new FEND

As you begin your journey to better breathing, we want to make sure you're FENDing properly. The team put together a couple of quick videos walking you through the unboxing of your FEND and how to ensure consistent results from your device.

Getting started with Jami

When you first receive your device, it will take a few pumps to get the solution to create your first mist – just like a new bottle of soap! Jami shows you how in this getting started video.

How to FEND with Johnny

To get a consistent mist, you'll need to squeeze firmly and hold with consistent pressure. There are plenty of ways to do this and Johnny shows you a couple in this how-to video.


How to ensure you're getting a consistent mist

1. Our team likes to put 2-3 fingers on top of the device with your thumb on the bottom. This evenly applied pressure will help create a more consistent mist when you squeeze the device together.

2. Hold the FEND upright. If used angled backward, you may experience what we call a “drool” where a bit of liquid builds up near the nozzle. Simply shake out the “drool” to allow the mist to come out.

3. If you squeeze it too fast or slow, you may not receive the full mist. You may feel a small click when you press the FEND together all the way and you’ll notice this stops the mist.

Breathe better. Breathe easy.