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Congrats on your new FEND

As you begin your journey to better breathing, we want to make sure you're FENDing properly. Watch these quick how-to videos to ensure consistent results from your device.

Getting started

When you first receive your device, it will take a few pumps to get the solution to create your first mist – just like a new bottle of soap! Pump a few times until a mist comes out.

How to FEND

To get a consistent mist, you'll need to squeeze firmly and hold with consistent pressure. This video shows you a few ways to do this.


How to ensure you're getting a consistent mist

1. Squeeze the device with firm, even pressure. Try using 2-3 fingers on top of the device with your thumb on the bottom; some FEND customers prefer to use two hands. This evenly applied pressure will help create a more consistent mist.

2. The liquid may build up or “drool” around the nozzle if the device is not squeezed firmly enough or if it is used at a backward angle. Simply shake out the “drool” to unblock the nozzle and allow the mist to come out, then refer back to step 1 above for a firm squeeze.

Breathe better. Breathe easy.