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Why do allergies affect us so much?
05/05/2022 Jami Chiusano

Allergy season. We all know (and probably dislike) it. Why do these tiny particles in the air affect us so much?  The spring season brings sunny (and rainy) days, warmer weather, and lots of allergens in the air! As the...

How Airway Hygiene and Hydration are Impacting Your Sleep
03/17/2022 Jami Chiusano

Are you losing sleep over airway hydration?  Every night when you lay down to go to sleep, you become an obligate nose breather throughout the night. This means that you only breathe through your nose. When nose obstruction blocks the...

Get to Know FEND™: A New Hygiene Tool That Stops Airborne Particles in Their Tracks 
01/24/2022 David Edwards

When we think of a personal hygiene regimen, we think of hand washing, bathing, and teeth brushing. But what about cleaning the nose and upper airways as part of our regular hygiene routine? Yes, that’s a thing and here’s why....

FEND Founder: Who is David Edwards?
01/24/2022 Jami Chiusano

Dr. David Edwards was a long-standing Harvard University faculty member, and is an inventor, author, and pioneering aerosol scientist.   David is passionate about improving human health and wellbeing through science and consumer-centric design. His inventions, startups, and creative environments in the...

From Anthrax to Today; Dr. David Edwards has Created an Innovation to Transform How We Should Be Thinking About Hygiene
01/10/2022 Penelope finnie

Dr. Edwards is not an ordinary scientist. He is a surface chemist, aerosol physicist and entrepreneur who has been studying how aerosol particles move through the air and impact the airway for years.  So, when the anthrax scare hit the...