+What is FEND™?

FEND is a hygiene mist comprised of calcium and sodium salts that are inhaled through the nose. It is drug-free, non-invasive (it is not inserted into your nose) and effective. FEND is safe to use as frequently as you want (we recommend three times per day) and offers protection for up to six hours per use. 

+Why is FEND needed?

When we breathe, we generate large and small particles, known as bioaerosols, in our upper respiratory tract, which travel deep into our lungs and out again into the environment when we exhale. This action exposes everyone around us to contaminants that could lead to infectious illnesses. 

Many of these particles can linger in the air for several hours. By cleaning our airways, FEND dramatically reduces the number of particles we exhale, essentially reducing our bioaerosol footprint. FEND is a small action that we can take to care for ourselves and those around us.

+How does FEND work?

When FEND is inhaled, the mist’s precisely sized salt droplets land and adhere to the mucus lining found in our nose and other parts of our upper airway, making it more effective in catching foreign particles and not letting them back into the air. 

+Can using FEND benefit me or is it just for benefiting others?

FEND acts in your nose and upper airways as a mask does on your face. Masks can both benefit those around you from your exhaled aerosol particles (when they are not so small as to pass through the mask) and benefit you from the same size particles getting deep into your lungs.

Think of FEND as an invisible mask, but one that filters out both large and small airborne particles, the latter being much more numerous. Larger particles mostly fall to the ground due to gravity. However, the smaller ones can remain airborne for several hours increasing the risk of someone coming into direct contact. 

+Would it be better to use FEND before or after I travel via public transportation or attend a crowded event? 

It is safe to use FEND as much you wish (we recommend 3 times per day).  Since FEND lasts up to 6 hours per use, you may not need to use it again after a flight or social gathering but it is perfectly safe to do so.

+How do you use FEND?

FEND is easy to use. Simply tip the FEND Mister. This will produce the FEND cloud. Then take two deep breaths through the nose and seconds later you’re FENDed.

Our user manual provides detailed information on how to use FEND, including how to clean, store, maintain and order additional FEND mist solution. You can also reach out to us directly at info@sensory-cloud.com.

+How is the FEND Mister different from a typical nose spray? 

The FEND Mister is not a nose spray. It is not inserted into your nose at all. Similar to how a humidifier works by creating a mist from water, the FEND mist is created from the FEND solution. And unlike most nasal sprays, it does not contain drugs.

The FEND Mister is designed to generate mist particles that are the optimal size to create the FEND “particle suppression effect.” So, when you administer the FEND mist cloud, these “just right” sized particles adhere to and interact with your airway’s mucus lining to better trap and clean airborne particles. The result is that you inhale and exhale cleaner air. A typical nose spray would not create the FEND particle suppression effect.

+If you sneeze or blow your nose, do you have to re-use FEND?

No. Once you administer the FEND mist cloud, it goes to work immediately, calming the lining fluid of your airways to trap airborne particles - helping you inhale and exhale cleaner air . Sneezing and blowing your nose will not diminish the FEND particle suppression effect.

+How do you know that you have inhaled enough FEND?

The FEND Mister is designed to generate 10 seconds of a dense FEND cloud every time you turn it over to activate use. Hold the Mister close to your nose and take two deep breaths. If for some reason you only take one deep breath, it is safe to activate a second (or third) cloud and take another deep breath. 

+Is FEND recommended solely for use outdoors?

FEND can be used indoors and outdoors - in fact anytime and anywhere. It is light and portable so you can take it with you. When used outdoors, best results are achieved when you are protected from the wind.

+How does administering FEND through the nose have an effect on particles that are released during speaking or breathing through the mouth? 

The reason we use the FEND Mister is because the mist particles derived from the solution are smaller than what a spray bottle creates. This enables the solution to stick to the mucus lining in your nose, trachea and main bronchi, which are just at the top of our airways. Typically when we breathe, talk, or cough, the airflow is so strong that it breaks the mucus into little droplets like wind makes sea mist.  FEND stops this.  

+How far can respiratory droplets travel?

The smallest airborne particles we exhale can travel very, very far.  Scientists have seen particles travel up to 27 feet.

+Should FEND be used to clean our airways for ourselves, for others, or for both?

Both. This is an easy one.  Breathing clean air is a good idea for you and everyone around you.  FEND reduces airborne particles.  Everyone wins. 

+ How to install batteries:

Turn and release the chrome top to reveal the battery compartment. Install two AAA batteries according to the polarity markings shown by the openings. Press the top back down with enough force to press down the batteries. Turn clockwise until the three tabs seat in slots, then continue to turn a small amount to click shut. Turn the Mister over so you can see the bottom. The light should turn on indicating the batteries are working.

+ Making a cloud:

Tip FEND Mister and observe the  cloud. This is created by a metal mesh at the top. You may notice a green light at the bottom indicating operation. FEND Mister will run for 10 seconds before it stops automatically.

This is a power saving feature. Tilt again to restart.

+ How to store:

DO NOT leave the FEND Mister in the hot sun.

When traveling, it is recommended to remove batteries and detach the vial, then close the vial with the provided cap.

+ Troubleshooting:

There is no cloud

  1. Tilt the FEND Mister and check that there is a green light underneath. If there is no light, check to make sure that the top is securely fastened.
  2. Replace batteries if top is secure and there is no light. Make sure battery polarity is correct.
  3. If there is a green light with fresh batteries, your mesh may be clogged. Unscrew the vial and clean mesh from inside and top with cotton swab and water.

The cloud is weak

  1. Your batteries could be low, or they may have a bad connection. Try replacing batteries.
  2. Your mesh may be clogged. Unscrew the vial and clean mesh from inside and top with cotton swab and water.

+ Returns:

We want you to be delighted with your FEND™. Contact us if you need to return: info@sensory-cloud.com




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