Our commitment to sustainability


The air we breathe and the health of our planet go hand-in-hand; you don’t get one without the other. Meaning sustainability matters to us as much as clean air does.

We’re working hard to improve everything from design and materials to manufacturing and delivery to make FEND’s impact as positive as possible.

The FEND mist itself emits no harmful particles into the environment – in fact, it actively reduces them – while we currently process spent dispensers through our free take-back program.

Free take-back program

Powered by Terracycle Zero Waste Box™️

We accept spent FEND dispensers and process them through Terracycle’s Zero Waste Box™ program. Please follow the steps below to easily return yours to us for free. Thank you in advance.


You can order a free return mailer with your FEND. When you’re ready to return your spent dispensers, pop up to 12 of them in there, seal the envelope, and leave it with your mail carrier or Post Office.


With any business order of FEND, you can request a free recycling station for your workplace. When it gets full, simply let us know and we’ll organize to have it collected.