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Hello! Thank you for being one of our first customers! We, the entire team behind FEND, are excited to share with you this science-based innovation in airway hygiene. 

FEND brings a new approach to personal health and hygiene. Like washing our hands, cleansing our airways can eliminate contaminents we don't want traveling further into our bodies – or back out into the world. I hope it will be a simple addition to your daily routine. 

As we bring FEND to more people over the next months, my team and I would appreciate any feedback from early adopters like you. While the science and design are ready to go, we are constantly working to improve the FEND experience – from how we package FEND, to how we tell this very new personal hygiene story. 

If you have any thoughts or feedback regarding your experience, please send them to our customer support email at hellofend@sensory-cloud.com. 

Thank you for choosing FEND. 

Take care, 
David Edwards
CEO & Co-Founder of Sensory Cloud, Inc. 

View our user manual here.

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