Updates to your FEND subscription

In March 2022, we will be fully transitioning from the original FEND design to the all new, portable design. With this change, your subscription for the solution refill bottles will be upgraded to our new FEND device.


Frequently asked questions.

  Will I be charged for this new subscription?

Yes. We’re offering a special rate as a two-month trial to match your original refill subscription price. Over the course of the trial, you will be charged once for $15 for the two FENDs to get you started on the new design unless you update your subscription otherwise. After the two months, the FEND subscription will revert to our lowest ever, launch pricing for the new design as a thank you for being an early adopter of FEND.

  What is the cost of the new subscription

Your first new subscription order (one charge over two months) will maintain your original pricing of $15. After that, we will be offering our lowest ever discounted launch pricing for those who had an active subscription of the original refills. See below:

  • 1 FEND = $21.24
  • 3 FENDs = $50.97
  • 5 FENDs = $76.45
  • 10 FENDs = $127.40

  Do I need to do anything with my subscription?

Nope! Your subscription will automatically transition to the new device on its own and maintain its current $15 price until the special trial ends.

If you do choose to update the quantity or frequency of your orders after you’ve received your new FEND design, you can do so by visiting our website to manage your subscription or by contacting our Customer Care team at helloFEND@sensory-cloud.com.

  Will I automatically be added to the two-month trial in March?

Yes! Your two-month subscription will automatically start in March, so you will not need to do anything. If you wish to forego the trial or opt out, you may manage your subscription online or contact our Customer Care team for assistance by emailing helloFEND@sensory-cloud.com.

  What is different about the new design?

The new design is portable, battery-free, preservative-free, and non-clogging. We’ve been listening to our customers’ feedback very closely since launching the original FEND which has led us to the new FEND design.

  Is the new design refillable?

FEND is not refillable. It is pre-filled in an air-tight and sterile way that allows us to make this preservative-free. Each FEND is designed to last an individual approximately 30 days of regular use (2 deep breaths, 3 times per day). While it is not refillable, we recommend all users participate in our free FEND Take-Back Program.

  What is the shelf life of the new design?

Thanks to the new design's filling method and preservative-free formula, each device remains sterile for the life of its use. FEND is safe for use up to three years after it is filled. Each product is marked with its specific expiration date on the box, as well as the device itself.

  Will I get my next shipment of the refills for the original design?

If your next shipment is scheduled for before March 1, 2022, you will receive your final shipment of FEND solution refills for the original design. If your next shipment is scheduled for after March 1, 2022, you will automatically receive the new design instead.

  I have leftover solution for the original device. Can I use it past the expiration?

We recommend that you use the solution that you have by the expiration date marked on the bottle and begin using the new FEND device. However, FEND is a very stable formulation, so some consumers may choose to use it beyond the date marked on the bottle.

  How do I use the new design?

We’re glad you asked! Simply squeeze firmly and hold down to create a mist. Be sure to check out our How to FEND page on our website for tips and how-to videos from our team! The new design includes a preservative-free solution with all of the same great FEND benefits. The mist of the new design is more precise and direct than the original FEND.

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