Raising awareness and access to how you and your family can breathe well in a dirty world.

What does it mean to breathe better?

You may not see that the air around you is dry and dirty, but 9 in 10 of us are breathing dirty, dry air. Dry airways don’t breathe well, losing their natural ability to clean and filter the contaminants we breathe in.

Stay hydrated

Your lungs need water for you to breathe. Internal hydration is vital. Drink one ounce of water per day for every pound you weigh.

Hydrate your airways

Your lungs lose water to the air, too. Remember to put it back. You do this when you breathe clean moist air—or airway hydrate three times a day. Hence, FEND.

Slow nose breathe

Why? Your nose hydrates the air you breathe. The slower your breath, the more hydrated you will be! It’s also good for your soul.

Creating equity around clean air

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Breathe Better is a campaign to raise awareness and provide science-guided responses to a public health crisis that threatens children in the US and internationally. There is an ongoing crisis about the rise of respiratory disease, associated morbidity, and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) due to high levels of dehydration and daily exposure to dirty air. This campaign kicks off on August 11, 2022 in partnership with Touré Roberts in Los Angeles. With a personal charitable gift, Roberts will give 50 at-risk youth (ages 9 to 18) a year of Better Breathing support.

In addition to the gift, he will also share an invitation for others to join him in support of the GoFundMe campaign of the Ella Roberta Foundation. 9-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah lost her life to a fatal asthma attack and is the first person in the world to have air pollution listed as the cause of death on her death certificate. All proceeds will go towards building a sculpture in East London in Ella's honor.

Partners to Breathe Better represent children in the US and vulnerable populations and will receive a discount for the FEND product and potential charitable support from FEND’s charitable partner Next Breath. Sign up below.

DAVID EDWARDS, Harvard scientist, US National Academy of Engineering, US National Academy Inventors, French National Academy Engineers, Chevalier des arts et des lettres, pioneer of respiratory aerosols and airway hydration.

TOURÉ ROBERTS, best-selling author of “Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth”, “Wholeness: Winning in Life From the Inside Out” and “Balance — Positioning Yourself To Do All Things Well.”




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