FEND™ is the new nasal hygiene mist that cleans our airways. It filters the air we breathe in, making the air we breathe out cleaner.  FEND is a proprietary product of Sensory Cloud, Inc.

FEND is a hygiene mist comprised of calcium and sodium salts. When inspired through the nose, FEND can lower the amount of airborne particles we generate in our airways for up to six hours.

FEND is drug-free, non-invasive, and safe to use as frequently as you need (we recommend three times per day). Breathe in the FEND mist and seconds later you're FENDED. Along with masks, hand washing, and social distancing, it's the latest essential tool in the hygiene arsenal. 

An Interview with David Edwards, CEO, and Bob Langer on the history of FEND from Molecular Frontiers Journal

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