Why Do I Need FEND?
How Does FEND Work?
How is FEND different from a typical nasal spray? 
How should I feel after using FEND?
How often should I reorder FEND?

How to Use FEND

How Do I Use FEND?
How often should I use FEND?
How quickly does FEND take effect?
What do I do if my FEND doesn't work right out of the box?
How do I get my FEND to make a mist rather than a stream?
How do I fix the liquid build up?

Product Safety

Is the FEND solution safe?
How often is it safe to use FEND?
Is FEND safe to use with my child?
Can FEND help with allergies?
Is FEND safe to use if I am pregnant or have another condition, such as hypertension, diabetes for example?

Orders, Returns, and Refunds

How do FEND subscriptions work?
Where do I manage my subscription?
Who is your shipping carrier?
Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Can I place an order outside the United States?
How long will it take to receive my order?
How do I change my order to provide a new shipping address?
How do I change the credit card I used to place my order?
How do I return my order?
How do I cancel my subscription order?

Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships

I am interested in purchasing large quantities of FEND for my organization/employees. Who do I connect with?
Who do I connect with to discuss marketing and partnership opportunities?
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