Backed by science, FEND is a new hygiene system that cleanses the upper respiratory airways, to strengthen the body’s natural ability to help keep the lungs cleaner and healthier.

The FEND system includes a patented Mister device, that uses a proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution. The FEND Mister device then creates perfectly sized particles that exit the device in a mist that is inhaled through your nose. When inhaled deeply, it helps your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs. In addition, FEND helps reduce the number of airborne contaminants you exhale back into the air. 

FEND is drug-free, non-invasive, and safe to use as frequently as you need (we recommend three times per day). Breathe in the FEND mist and seconds later you're FENDed. 

An Interview with David Edwards, Founder, and Bob Langer on the history of FEND from Molecular Frontiers Journal