FEND like a pro.


What is FEND?

FEND is an airway hygiene mist that boosts your body’s natural ability to clean that air you breathe. It is composed of pure ingredients, including only water, sodium chloride, and calcium chloride. When inhaled deeply, FEND helps your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs.

Why do I need FEND?

Every day, we breathe billions of airborne contaminants in and out. Some of these contaminants enter our upper airways and can reach deep into our lungs. When a contaminant enters our nose or mouth, our upper airways act as a natural air filter for our bodies, keeping us well. This is possible because the upper airways are lined with mucus. Hydrated airways can filter these contaminants out; however, dry airways need a bit of a boost.

FEND helps boost our body's natural ability to clean the air we breathe, preventing contaminants from finding their way into our lungs and be exhaled back into the air.

How does FEND work?

FEND works by hydrating your upper airways, helping them to flush out billions of tiny particles in the air by capturing them on a watery layer as you breathe them in.

When inhaled deeply, it helps your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs. In addition, FEND helps reduce the number of airborne contaminants you exhale back into the air.

How is FEND different from a typical nasal spray? 

FEND goes further than your average nasal spray thanks to its unique droplet size. FEND utilizes just the right droplet size in order to benefit the entire upper airways system. The droplets are small enough to reach the larynx and windpipe, but small enough to not reach deep into the lungs.

Additionally, unlike nasal sprays, FEND is designed to generate a gentle, safe mist that is inhaled into the upper airways rather than. inserted and sprayed into the nose.

How should I feel after using FEND?

When the mist from the FEND device is properly inhaled (two times, deeply), we often hear people say they feel their nose is a little moist, or there may be a little tingle inside their nose. Many may sneeze just after FENDing.

FEND is drug-free and safe. However, if you have any symptoms that persist or seem out of the ordinary, we always recommend consulting with your doctor if you have any concerns.  

How often should I reorder FEND?

Each FEND device comes with approximately 30 days worth of solution assuming you use FEND up to three times per day. You can purchase in whatever frequency you'd like depending on the needs of you and your household with this in mind. 

How to Use FEND

How do I use FEND?

FEND is easy to use. Simply hold the device a few inches from your nose, then squeeze and hold the top and bottom of the device together firmly while taking a deep breath through the nose.

When you are able to hear the sound of your deep inhalation, that means you are doing it right, filling your upper airways as completely as possible each time.

How often should I use FEND?

We recommend taking 2 deep breaths of FEND 3 times per day. The benefits last up to 6 hours per use. You can use FEND more than this if you'd like!

How quickly does FEND take effect?

FEND begins to take effect within about 15 seconds of use!

What do I do if my FEND doesn't work right out of the box?

First try priming the device, just like when you get a new soap dispenser or lotion. Squeeze the top and bottom of your new FEND together a few times in order to create a mist. Check out this video or visit our How to FEND page for a quick how-to.

If this doesn't work, please contact our Customer Care team at HelloFEND@sensory-cloud.com so we can help!

How do I get my FEND to make a mist rather than a stream?

After your device has finished misting, it may turn into a stream. However, if your FEND is more of a stream or jet and does not mist, first try squeezing with firm, even pressure.

Try using 2-3 fingers on top of the device with your thumb on the bottom; some FEND customers prefer to use two hands (like in this video). This evenly applied pressure will help create a more consistent mist.

How do I fix the liquid build up?

The liquid may build up or "drool" around the nozzle if the device is not squeezed firmly enough or if it is used at a backward angle. Simply shake out the “drool” to unblock the nozzle and allow the mist to come out, then be sure to squeeze the device firmly with even pressure as shown in this video.

Product Safety

Is the FEND solution safe?

Our FEND solution consists of water and two naturally occurring elements: calcium and sodium. What makes it unique is the proprietary proportion of each in the solution. The solution does NOT contain any drug element and is safe to use. 

How often is it safe to use FEND?

For the most efficient use of FEND, we recommend inhaling the mist deeply twice. It is best to use FEND three times per day, as the effects last up to 6 hours, but it is safe to use more frequently, if needed.

Is FEND safe to use with my child?

FEND is a safe, proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution, and is drug-free. Safe for anyone to use, kids included. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before regular use by your child.

Can FEND help with allergies?

Airborne contaminants can carry many different elements, such as smoke, pollutants or allergens. In all cases, FEND strengthens your body’s natural ability to help keep the upper respiratory airways and ultimately, your lungs cleaner and healthier. I

f you have any specific concerns based on your personal situation, we recommend you consult your doctor before regular use.

Is FEND safe to use if I am pregnant or have another condition, such as hypertension, diabetes for example?

FEND is a drug-free, preservative-free, and safe to use. With all medical conditions, we recommend consulting your doctor before regular use.

Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships

I am interested in purchasing large quantities of FEND for my organization/employees. Who do I connect with?

If you have any questions about these types of partnerships, feel free to reach out to us at hellofend@sensory-cloud.com and we will connect you directly to a representative that can help you with orders for organizations/groups.   

Who do I connect with to discuss marketing and partnership opportunities?

Please reach out to us at hellofend@sensory-cloud.com and we will connect you directly to a representative that manages our marketing and partnerships.