The What Eclectic Gifts 2020

The What Eclectic Gifts 2020

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20 FOR ‘20. Separated from so many people we love, we’ve given more gifts than usual this year. We truly do believe the best gifts are acts of kindness and thoughtful, unexpected notes. But, presents are always appreciated too. We’ve cherry-picked from dozens of other gift guides, as well as the interwebs to assemble a list of the coolest goods in all price ranges. Some products might be too late to order in time for Christmas but with a year like 2020, does it really matter what day it is?

1. Fend 

FEND, from $60. A personal upper airways hygiene system. Selected as one of Time’s 2020 Best Inventions.

FEND is a calcium-fortified hygiene mist that strengthens your body’s natural ability to trap particles and cleanse your airways. This starter pack includes all your essentials: a reusable Mister that includes a glass vial, 2 bottles of our advanced FEND solution, and a step by step process on how to use your new FEND system.

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