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Go Back To School in Style — 14 Picks For You

Go Back To School in Style — 14 Picks For You

Aug 04, 2021 Johnny Fayad

It’s that time of the year again — Back to School. After the fun of the summer, it can be tough to get back into the daily routine. All of these top picks are designed to make your life easier, healthier or just more fun. Take a look!

FEND Nasal Hygiene Mist

BTS means Back to Sniffles also. It’s allergy season in Texas and we found this handy little tool. FEND is a drug-free solution using salts that already exist in your body and the cleansing effect lasts up to 6 hours with each use. The air we breathe is full of allergens, pollutants and more, especially as kids go BTS. FEND helps clean our upper respiratory airways of these types of airborne particles. We recommend using before and after school.

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