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FEND Announces Breathe Better Campaign to Address Respiratory Health Risks Children Face owing to Dirty Air

08/11/2022 - David Edwards

LOS ANGELES, Calif. [August 11, 2022] – Today, FEND, the daily airway hygiene device revolutionizing access to clean air, announced a partnership with best-selling author, community leader, and influencer pastor Touré Roberts to launch Breathe Better – a broad and...

The Darin Olien Show | Why Your Lungs Need Hydration Too

03/10/2022 - David Edwards

WELCOME TO THE DARIN OLIEN SHOW We all know it’s necessary to drink plenty of water to hydrate the body. However, did you know your lungs need hydration, too?  Dr. David Edwards wants to make sure your lungs aren’t dry. David...

Habits & Hustle Episode 149: Dr. David Edwards – Founder of Sensory Cloud and FEND, TIME’s Invention of the Year

01/04/2022 - Johnny Fayad

Dr. David Edwards is a Harvard Scientist and the Founder of Sensory Cloud and FEND (TIME’s Invention of the Year). David is a faculty member in the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Science and a member...