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FEND™ For School

Bringing students and teachers together more safely

FEND helps bring students and teachers back to the classroom. 

Families can use FEND at home before sending their children to school. It is safe to use every day.

Schools can have students use FEND before they enter the classroom with an administrator or teacher who helps administer.

FEND can also be used before entering the lunchroom when masks cannot be worn. Sports teams can use FEND before a practice or game. Band and choir members can use before each rehearsal and performance. And students can use FEND before heading home. 

Contact us and let us help devise a plan that could work for you.


Watch Dr. Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College, and David Edwards, inventor of FEND, discuss using FEND in education and work environments.

Here you can learn how to properly use the FEND system as well as when to use it

How FEND works animation


Great story from the Cape Cod Times covering our exhaled particle testing 

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