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Hydrating salts for your airways

Hydrate. Perform. Recover.

Dehydration slows air flow when you need it most. It also leads to congestion.

FEND solves this hydration problem for every athlete.

The result of 20 years of research at Harvard University and other leading institutions around the world.

What people are saying.

""Airway hydration is the next frontier of hydration for every professional athlete, and all athletes for that matter.

-Alex Guerrero
Body coach for Tom Brady and elite athletes everywhere

"Hydrating the airways daily is the missing link in what we’ve considered till now effective whole-body hydration."

-Dr. Dennis Ausiello
Jackson Distinguished Professor Médecine

Harvard Medical School

"Obsessed. I just put one everywhere I have hand soap or hand sanitizer: Bathrooms, kitchen, desktop, backpack, and my work bag. Gave one to a friend and one to my parents. No longer sneeze when I'm near my daughter's four guinea pigs!"

-Cathy W.
FEND customer


Our lungs need hydration to clean our air and get the oxygen we need. Dehydration frequently happens. It happens fastest when we exercise.


Dry airways restrict the air flowing to our lungs. FEND before you exercise to perform better.


Dry airways fail to clean the air we breathe and become inflamed. FEND after you exercise to recover well.

"When we exercise, we lose water fastest in our windpipe. This causes inflammation and airway dysfunction, and is one of the reasons why breathing difficulties are the main non-injury reason people report to a sports clinic. Our research shows that FEND keeps airways hydrated when you exercise and rehydrates them as you recover.”

- David Edwards
Harvard Scientist and FEND Founder


Frequently asked questions.

  What is FEND?

Backed by science, FEND is a new hygiene protocol that cleanses and hydrates the upper respiratory airways to strengthen the body’s natural ability to help keep the lungs cleaner and healthier. FEND uses a proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution delivered in perfectly sized particles that exit the device in a mist that is inhaled through your nose. When inhaled deeply, it hydrates your upper airways capture and eliminate airborne contaminants before they reach your lungs. In addition, FEND helps reduce the number of airborne contaminants you exhale back into the air.

  How is FEND different from a typical nasal spray?

The FEND Mister is not a nasal spray. In fact, it’s not inserted into your nose at all.

Unlike nasal sprays, the FEND System is designed to generate a gentle, safe mist that is inhaled into the upper airways vs. inserted and sprayed into the nose.

Similar to how a humidifier works by creating a mist from water, the mist is created from the proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution. And unlike most nasal sprays, it is drug-free.

The reason we use the FEND Mister device is because the mist particles derived from the solution are smaller than what a nasal spray bottle creates. This enables the solution to stick to the mucus lining in your nose, trachea and main bronchi, which are just at the top of our upper airways. Typically, when we breathe, talk, or cough, the airflow is so strong that it breaks the mucus into little droplets, like wind makes sea mist (at the beach). FEND prevents this break up from happening. FEND rejuvenates the mucosal lining to help it capture and eliminate airborne particles.

  How do I use FEND?

To get started, you'll have to "prime the FEND" (sort of like when you get a new soap dispenser!). Check out this video for a quick how-to. Then, here's another quick video to show how to actually use and hold the new design properly.

A few additional tips and tricks for using your FEND:

1. Squeeze the top and bottom together firmly and hold for a mist. You may feel a small click when you press the FEND together all the way and you’ll notice this ends the mist. This is normal, but if you press it together too fast you won’t get the full mist.

2. You’ll need to hold the FEND upright for it to work. For best results, make sure your FEND is held upright and is tilted downward slightly. If used upside-down, you may need to re-prime the FEND by pumping it a few times to get a mist again.

3. You may experience what we call a “drool” where a bit of liquid builds up near the nozzle. Simply shake out the “drool” to allow the mist to come out.

  How often should I use FEND?

We recommend using FEND every 6 hours, up to 3 times a day. Typically, when you wake up, at some point during the afternoon, and before you go to bed. Regular use of your FEND helps to continually strengthen the mucosal lining, creating a strong filter against small airborne contaminants.

It has also been shown to aid in performance and recovery during periods of activity. FENDing before a workout and a bit after for recovery is also recommended.

Because FEND is literally just salts commonly found in ocean water, there is no risk to "overdose" with FEND and can be used as often as needed.

  How quickly does FEND take effect?

FEND begins to take effect within about 15 seconds of use

  Is FEND safe? Can my child use it?

FEND is a safe, proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution, and is drug-free. Safe for anyone to use, kids included. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before regular use by your child.

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