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Lasts approx. 30 days

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With its minimal and convenient design, FEND is a simple way to make airway hygiene part of your daily routine to stay healthy – whether you’re at home, work, or on the go.

  • 0.1 fl oz
  • Lasts approx. 30 days
  • Formulated for optimal delivery and absorbtion
  • Portable, personal design
  • Free send-back program powered by Terracycle's Zero Waste Box
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Starts cleansing

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Benefits last
up to 6 hours

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Safe. Natural.

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Breathe Better Challenge

Discover airway

Everyday airway hydration

Research shows that daily airway hygiene – regularly cleaning the air we breathe with salt and water – also improves our oxygen levels and overall hydration, two fundamental functions of our lungs.

To help you experience the full benefits of airway hygiene, we’ve created the Breathe Better Challenge – a free program with quick daily tips and insights sent straight to your phone from our founder, Dr. David Edwards. We guarantee it’ll help you start breathing better within 21 days. Begin the challenge when you receive your FEND.

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Healthy airways.
Happy planet.

You can order a free return mailer for empty dispensers with your purchase, which we process through Terracycle’s Zero Waste Box™️.

When you’re ready to return your empty dispensers, simply pop up to 12 of them in the mailer, seal the envelope, and leave it with your mail carrier or Post Office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth Landrum
Fend is a blessing!

Nearly two years after my stroke, I can finally breathe. I spent many nights too congested. Fend is a true blessing! Thank you for this miraculous mist!

Scott Johnson
Early Adopter / Brand Enthusiast

Hi Team FEND/Sensory Cloud.

First and foremost -- the new product is a huge upgrade. The fact that my significant other went from 'on the fence/not worth the hassle' mindset of the original FEND Mister device (as it clogged too often, for too many people) -- to loving the new device & using it twice daily speaks to the redesign most effectively. She keeps hers on the bathroom vanity which is a big deal in our household :-). Additionally... she mentioned that the new solution does not burn her nose like the previous solution did. Plenty of glowing things can say about the design, packaging, ease of use, 'fun-ness', and much more.

I personally love the new design, a lot easier to use and a lot more 'sure' that I properly applied FEND. Hands down would use this version over the old version. I have given out the new product to various family members, yet have yet to hear back from them.

On the constructive feedback side:
*The non-refillable aspect of the device is a draw-back, and currently the way that the subscription model is setup.. ends up being 2-3x more expensive than the original device with refillable solution. While you have a customer in me who is likely price inelastic, I'm sure that is not the case for the average consumer (including my aunt) don't fully see the value proposition of $250 a year.
*The amount of solution in the new device seems less, or perhaps I am using it more often/more fully than before.
*The ship-back aspect of FEND is not clear -- and even though you have partnered on a green initiative, that does not come across very well/at all.
*One of the versions which I gave to my stepdad, who loved the original FEND mister until it got clogged/couldn't use -- apparently did not work. I'm not sure the details if it was his user error or a faulty device, yet it did damper his spirits.

Overall huge upgrade -- the vision is much clearer. Super excited about the days to come -- will try to provide more feedback as I hear about it from those I have gifted it out to :-).

Best Regards,
Scott Johnson

Andrea Wilcox
Improved but still a ways to go

The new Fend is certainly an improvement over the original. Not having to deal with the constant clogging is fantastic, the ability to travel easily with my Fend was long over do and no batteries is great all the way around. However, the new Fend, in my experience, delivers inconsistent mist, so I have to press and inhale several times to ensure I’ve actually gotten a complete dose. It will, therefore, not last the full 30 days as advertised. I’m also more concerned about efficacy, as I’m unsure that I’m getting a full, deep inhale of the mist. However, I believe in the science so willing to soldier on until future versions become more reliable.