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New Research Shows Effectiveness Of Calcium Rich Nasal Salts Administered Through The FEND Platform In Cleaning Airborne Particles from Airways

New COVID-19 Hygiene Measure To Be Available This Fall

New Paper Documents Effectiveness Of Natural Physiological Salts As New Hygienic Intervention



What to Know About the Airborne Transmission of Covid
What to Know About the Airborne Transmission of Covid

The ScientistScientists’ Advice for Ways to Ward off the Coronavirus
Harvard Researcher clears the Air on Spreading Coronavirus
Burlington, VT: Harvard Researcher Clears the Air on Spreading Coronavirus 
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Harvard Professor Develops a $50 Nasal Spray
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Harvard Biomedical Engineering Professor to Launch Nasal Spray
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Could this $50 Nasal Spray Prevent the Coronavirus?

Published Papers 

 Molecular Frontiers Journal

  Nasal Calcium-Rich Salts for Cleaning Airborne Particles from the Airways of Essential Workers, Students, and a Family in Quarantine

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A New Natural Defense Against Airborne Pathogens