A message from our founder


Getting FEND and clean air to everyone as fast as we can.

We anticipated interest in our all new FEND but we didn’t expect to sell three months supply in ten days! Our team is focused on increasing our manufacturing capacity to meet unlimited FEND demand starting January!

In appreciation for your patience, we will honor our early access bundle pricing (up to 40% off) for customers who order today. Those customers will be first in line to receive the all new FEND as soon as they are available.

To give you a chance to start FENDing now, you will also get an exclusive link to our original FEND design at the lowest price we've ever offered – so you can keep your airways clean until your all new FEND arrives.

We deeply appreciate your interest in FEND. Keeping your airways hydrated and the air we breathe clean is our top priority. Once you place an order for our all new FEND, look out for an email to redeem your original FEND offer.


          Breathe better. Breathe easy.



          David Edwards

          FEND Founder

Get first access to our all new FEND at our best prices possible.

  • Smaller, portable, award-winning design.
  • Lasts for approx. 30 days of regular use (3 uses/day).
  • Now preservative-free! Still natural, safe, drug-free, and safe for kids.
  • No need to refill the device with the solution bottles. When it’s empty, use our free sustainable take-back program powered by TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box.
  • Non-clogging and battery-free!
  • Harvard invented, German-built.
  • Great to have in your bag, car, at home, or on-the-go.

Save up to 40% when you order now with our limited time bundle pricing!
(Limit 10 per customer)

What people are saying

"I am an RN and use my fend at least 2x a day and will continue to recommend it to my colleagues and patients."

-Jeanne M.
FEND customer

"Hydrating the airways daily is the missing link in what we’ve considered till now effective whole-body hydration."

-Dr. Dennis Ausiello
Jackson Distinguished Professor Médecine

Harvard Medical School

"Obsessed. I just put one everywhere I have hand soap or hand sanitizer: Bathrooms, kitchen, desktop, backpack, and my work bag. Gave one to a friend and one to my parents. No longer sneeze when I'm near my daughter's four guinea pigs!"

-Cathy W.
FEND customer


Send an eGift Card immediately or at a scheduled time for any occasion

This digital gift card will cover the cost of 1 FEND device.
(includes the cost of shipping)


This digital gift card will cover 3 FENDs with our 3-pack bundle price.
(20% off!)


This digital gift card will cover 5 FENDs with our 5-pack bundle price.
(total 28% off!)


Frequently asked questions

Why should I order now if you’re not able to ship my order yet?

By ordering FEND now, you will be in the front of the line to receive your shipment as soon as we’re back in stock. You will also get exclusive access to get our original FEND device now at the best price we've ever offered so you can get started on airway hygiene right away.

We are also extending our initial launch discounts of up to 40% off through this period, to show our appreciation for your patience.

What’s the benefit of subscribing?

By subscribing, not only will you save money and never run out of FEND (you get an additional 15% off and FREE shipping on every order), but you will also be prioritized in the event of any increased demand in the future.

Any customer who subscribed before 11/10/2021 will continue to receive FEND during this period as part of our promise to our subscribers.

When will you be back in stock?

  • Our team is working hard to scale up as quickly as possible. We will be back in stock in January and will begin shipments thereafter. To be the first in line to get your shipment, order now and get our best prices possible.

When I ordered, it didn’t say you weren't shipping until January. Am I still going to get my shipment before then?

If you were not notified via email that your order isn't coming until January, you should expect to receive it on time. If you do have any questions about whether or not you are on the our order list, please contact our Customer Care team at HelloFEND@sensory-cloud.com.

Why are you selling the original FEND Starter Kit again?

  • We believe that everyone deserves to breathe easy. It’s important for us to keep that mission going. While we don’t currently have the new FEND design in stock, we want to make a source of airway hygiene available for all. By ordering FEND now, you will get access to the original FEND Starter Kit* design.
  • *Please note the FEND solution refills for the original FEND Mister in the FEND Starter Kit will be available for purchase through March 2022.

How do I get the original FEND device?

  • After you order the new FEND design, we will follow up in an email with a link to redeem your original FEND design to use in the meantime.
  • If you did not receive this email within 2 days of your purchase, please contact our Customer Care team at HelloFEND@sensory-cloud.com.

I already have the original FEND device. What can I do in the meantime?

Thank you for being on the forefront of airway hygiene! To hold you over in the meantime, we will also be including a link for a month's supply of FEND solution when you order the all new FEND design that will be shipping in January.

Is the new design refillable?

  • No. In making the new FEND is preservative-free, it was not possible to also make it refillable. When it is filled, the solution is completely sterile and safe for the entirety of its 3+ year life. We encourage all FEND users to participate in our FEND Take-Back Program through Terracycle to ensure that used devices are safely and responsibly handled after its life.

How should I use FEND™? How often?

Because FEND™ is literally just salts commonly found in ocean water, there is no risk to "overdose" with FEND™. The effect of FEND™ lasts reliably for 6 hours when used as recommended. Using the product more frequently than every 5-6 hours doesn’t further enhance its particle-trapping effect, but you could use it as often as you'd like.

We recommend doing 2 deep breaths, 3 times per day with your FEND™. Be sure to breathe in through your nose, filling your upper airways as completely as possible each time. This timing in seconds may differ from person to person.

Breathe better. Breathe easy.