FEND™ Complete Kit

$59.95 $69.95

$59.95 includes one free bottle of FEND solution.  FEND solution is $10 per bottle.  

There are approximately 125 "2 inspiration uses" per bottle - with a cost of 8 cents each! 

Saving on Shipping Costs!  Add a subscription to your order to get regular shipments of FEND solution. Each subscription comes with free shipping!

The FEND Complete Kit includes:
a reusable Mister device that includes two AAA batteries, a glass vial with cap and 2 bottles of our advanced FEND solution.

For best results we recommend regular use. Tip the Mister at a 45-degree angle, and  take 2 deep breathes of FEND,  for a total of 10 seconds. Effective within 15 minutes, and last for 6 hours when used properly.  When used three times per day, each bottle will last approximately 1 month. One bottle is good for 1- month after opening.